A Charitable Enterprise

From the very beginning, our Parisian Gaucha liked the idea of helping society, if possible, in Argentina.
Inspired by « Toms », One for one, she decided that for each pair of trousers/bombachas sold, a meal would be donated to the Argentine Food Bank.
The Argentine Food Bank is an NGO which is close to the Parisian Gaucha´s heart, given she helped start it up and has known it since its creation.


Fundacion Banco de Alimentos 

The « Fundacion Banco de Alimentos » began in 2001, becoming the first Argentine Food Bank.

Since its creation, this NGO has grown continuously in a structured and orderly fashion.
Unfortunately donations have not been the only ones to increase, but also the number of people in need.
According to a university study, 18% of children and adolescents in Argentina suffered from hunger in 2013.
That same year, the Food Bank distributed over 4000 tons of food to 600 organisations, feeding almost 90.000 people per year, of which 80% were children.

Food Banks

Food Banks are the link between food donors, which are usually industries in the food and agriculture sectors, and supermarkets, and those who prepare that food for the needy.

Food Banks receive food donations which are products which can no longer be commercialised for a variety of reasons, such as packaging faults and short expiry dates, but which are nonetheless fit for consumption. Food Banks stock them, classify them and distribute them among different organisations such as homes for the destitute, school and reinsertion centre cantines, among others, which in turn, cook and distribute them. This is how food products which would otherwise be thrown away, can be recovered for consumption.

Meals donated per day in 2017