« Mulita Loves » is a space that allows me to share with you and invite you to discover brands that I admire for their quality, beauty, the uniqueness of their products or  services or indeed for their rich history and philosophy. Impartially, many will be Argentine or Italian brands.

This time I would like to introduce you a travel agency, Acrux, which specialty is to make you discover Argentina, the land of the gauchos, the land of the bombachas, the land of Mulita!

What can be better than getting to know the land of Mulita from the hand of two insiders, big funs of nature, of sports and connoisseurs’ of unique places which offers this large country, Argentina. Paolo di Campello, ya ya my brother ;), and his associate, Tomas Menceyra, will offer you very exclusive and high end journeys in accordance with your preferences and your tastes inviting you to discover places, landscapes and cultures without equals that will without doubt exceed your expectations. Despite the fact that Acrux team is a very local one, he has a very international past and profiles. The associates have leaved in the States for several years and have both Europeans backgrounds which explains the fact that they speak fluently, English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish of course.  This perfect blend of “portenos” – Europeans will make you feel their guest, make you relax and discover the marvels Argentina has to offer you.


Buenos Aires, my birth city. Buenos Aires, one of the great capitals of the western hemisphere, observes the rest of the world with grandeur, sophistication and a touch of haughtiness and arrogance from its coast on the River Plate. Reasons for this abound. It is that in its streets the sounds of the tango, the flavours of its meat and its wines and the imagination of Borges and Cortázar all mingle. The lavish Alvear Avenue, with its opulent French-style mansions and international brands peacefully coexist with the popular fervour of football matches in the stadiums of River Plate or Boca Juniors, the two teams which create the city’s and the entire country’s passion for the sport. What to do: Theatres, museums, parks, shopping, tango classes and shows, restaurants, bars, historic walks, search for those tranquil parts of Buenos Aires (which exist, believe it or not), polo matches, football matches, visit antique fairs… the list could go on forever.


Acrux, Stellar Destinations,

The name Acrux, derive from the brightest star of the Southern Cross constellation because its founders believe (and I completely agree) that there, at the end of the world, there are unique things which can be found nowhere else and merit revelation to the world.
Argentina is the country of the seven continents, probably the only one in the world which contains within its borders just about every single type of climate and landscape. In the Acrux web page you will find a short summary of each of the regions that form the country, from the unpredictable Buenos Aires to the solitude of the northern “puna” and the immense Patagonian steppe.
I’ve chosen to describe you three of the seven regions because they have something special for me.


La Pampa, the land of Mulita !   Immense prairies that extend beyond the horizon, the second largest on the planet with temperate a climate, “granary of the world”, generator of the country’s vast riches since time immemorial, the pampa flatlands what the tourist will first notice upon arriving in Argentina, simply because Buenos Aires is situated in the heart of the region. It is in the pampas (“flatlands in between mountains” in Quechua) where cattle that make Argentina beef famous graze freely, where distances do not really exist: you can do hundreds of kilometres without running into anyone but the occasional gaucho (not as comical as those caricatured by artist Florencio Molina Campos, a personal friend of Walt Disney) and without seeing anything other acres and acres of cultivated land and the odd hill in the distance, where the sky begins. The writer Cunningham-Graham is known to have once coined the region “a sea of grass”. What to do: Hunts, horse-back rides, polo matches.

Northern Patagonia, my passion, the place from where the names of Mulita belts come. One third of the Argentine territory can be summed-up in one word: Patagonia. From the Colorado River to Tierra del Fuego, thousands of kilometres stretch with the widest variety of landscapes, people and options for the visitor. The southern lakes (Nahuel Huapi, Lácar, etc.), with their almost Swiss landscapes, are chosen by many to rest during any moment of the year and to ski in the winter. Northern Patagonia is substantially warmer than the sub-Antarctic south. In the spring (October-December), dozens of whales, orcas and dolphins in addition to thousands of penguins, sea lions and cormorants among others congregate around the Península Valdés during their mating season, while in the Andean Lake District, nature can be appreciated from another aspect: that of the tranquillity and sheer scenic beauty of the mountains, lakes and ancient forests. What to do: Whale, Penguin, Sea Lion and bird watching. Fly-fishing, treks over glaciers and walks through ancient forests, mountain climbing, skiing, boat outings in the lake district, cultural tourism.


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I am sure you will fall in love with my country, with Mulita’s country!