The Brand

Behind Mulita lies the wish of a Parisian Gauchato share a part of her culture, her history and that of her family but overall, the history of her country.

This Gauchawould like to remember to share with those less fortunate, through a donation to the Argentine Food Bank, every time someone, no matter where they are, purchases a Mulita Bombacha.

The Mulita Bombachasare the embodiment of a synergy of cultures and know-how. On the one hand the design of these legendary Argentine trousers, worn by the Gauchos (the native cowboys who have lived on the Pampas for over 160 years), and on the other, the choice of fabrics and know-how of top European quality.

Added to this is the pleasure of choosing the brightest and trendiest colours and the most comfortable textures…

Gaucho, Polo, Warm, Cool, Urban or Rural…there are so many styles to choose from, you can wear these trousers at any time.

The name

Why Mulita?

The choice of Mulita was the result of a brainstorming session among friends and family, and it was considered to be the most appropriate name for this brand which was going to represent Argentina on foreign soil …”

Mulitas are small herbivorous animals with an armour shell. They ramble on the Pampas and take refuge in holes that they borrow from other animals or dig themselves.

Mulitas have inhabited the Pampas since well before men, horses and cattle. This is a truly native animal, 100% local !

Voilà the story of the name, which besides, is very sweet, isn’t it ?!